Sunday, 13 January 2013

January 13th 2013

I have recently started volunteering at Ford Park and after discussion with Kim (the volunteer manager) decided that my contributing to the blog/ website would be a good use of my time here. My name is Sandra and I recently retired from my job for the last twenty years as an ICT Technician at a Special School. I decided I would like to use my free time doing something useful so I will be introducing different people to readers of this blog.

Here is my first interview with one of the volunteers, her name is Jean and she has been volunteering at Ford Park for the last ten years. Jean does a variety of work here but started off picking litter in the grounds. Ford Park has changed immensely over the ten years that Jean has been coming but she says that now the site looks loved and well cared for, thanks in main to the many volunteers that help with various events and activities that go on throughout the year. One of the main changes has been the restoration of the large walled Victorian Kitchen Garden and Jean distributes many of the posters for this area as well coordinating the work on the beautiful garden room wall hanging that you can see in the photo.

Jean comes in twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday and is also involved in the family activities, which take place on Wednesdays during the school holidays. These activities can be nature, food growing or art and craft based. There are also a lot of public events that take place during the year either at Ford Park or in Ulverston. These can range from the Lantern Festival that is held in September, when classes are run to make the lanterns ready for the procession, to Car Boot Sales to Willow Weaving Workshops.  Jean also helps Kim with educational visits to the park during term time to enable children to participate in the John Muir Award, which involves conservation work.
On the 1st August 2013 there is going to be another performance of Shakespeare in the Park and Jean will, I am sure, be at the forefront helping to organise this event to make sure it all runs smoothly. We are all crossing our fingers that the weather will be fine and sunny on the day! As the New Year begins Jean is looking forward to helping at a wide range of events happening this year. One of the biggest of these is the Eco Fair on Saturday the 15th June. For more info on any of the above events check the website: