Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thursday March 28th 2013

The beekeeping session last night was all about diseases and how to choose the best site for your hive-everyone has really enjoyed the course and learned a lot about bees. There are some follow up sessions as well as the Apiary workshops when spring finally arrives!

Today in the garden we have been harvesting mixed salads for the cafe, sowing cabbage seeds, improving the wiring for the espaliared apples and feeding all the trees, fruit bushes and the places where we will be planting fruit trees next week. We have also been working on the trees out in the grounds which has generated turf which we have layered with torn up cardboard in the compost again. We have build some tiered baskets and made a planter from recycled wood for the demonstration back yard and completed our preparations for Easter Monday when we expect to have many visitors