Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ford Park Visitor Interviews

I took some time last Thursday to interview some visitors to Ford Park to find out their views on what this lovely area has to offer. It was a sunny day and the gardens, cafe & park were very busy.  I managed to chat to some of visitors who were wandering through the park & gardens, some of who were local and some from farther afield.
Here are the views of three of the people I spoke to and I would like to thank them for taking time out of their day to speak to me and for also letting me take their photographs to go on the blog.

The first visitor I spoke to was Will who lives locally and has been visiting Ford Park from about 2012. His favourite place is the Coach House Cafe but he did say the whole area including the park & garden’s are excellent.  His son loves the play park and he also exercises the dog regularly in the park. Very often he will also buy plants that are for sale just outside the kitchen garden.

There seemed to be lots of Spanish visitors wandering round the Kitchen Garden and I spoke to Oriol who told me he was very impressed with Ford Park but especially with the Kitchen Garden as his company Can USTRELL Agriculture (CUA) in Catalunya is a company dedicated to the production and direct sales of vegetables and seasonal fruits, practising traditional agriculture. 



Later I spoke to Rachel and her 7yr old son Alex who come from Blackpool in Lancashire. They were visiting Ulverston and chanced on the signs for Ford Park in the town centre so popped up to have a look round. They thought it was all fabulous, with Alex saying he loved the swings best and Rachel saying she was looking forward to wandering round the gardens. They also planned to visit the cafe and they were going to come back later in the day to visit the car boot sale. 

I am sure the visitors we get from all over the world enjoy their time at Ford Park. Certainly the people I chatted to today spoke in glowing terms of the whole place, but why not come and see for yourself and enjoy the fresh air and sunny weather in glorious surroundings.