Friday, 11 October 2013

Carol - Volunteer

I spoke to Carol another volunteer at Ford Park on a lovely sunny day while she was busy  weeding in the kitchen garden, she told me that she lives locally and works part time as an Adult Education Maths Lecturer at the local college.   When asked about how she came to volunteer she explained that it was a way of keeping busy during her days off and during the holidays. Carol volunteers two days a week & the work she does is mostly gardening but she is very happy to do other jobs as well.

At the time I was talking to people to get their views about recycling and it was interesting to find out Carol’s ideas. This is what she says “I think of recycling as really thinking before anything is thrown away in order to see if it can be used again. So if you are working in the garden I am aware of being able to use certain weeds, grass and cuttings to make compost. Sarah the gardener has been instrumental in really developing my understanding of how composting works and as a result of that I am trying to replicate it in my garden at home.”

Since speaking to Carol her circumstances have changed & she now works full time & so she has reduced the time she spends at the garden and is now happy to help out whenever she can & on community gardening days and the like and supporting the cafe.

Would you like to find out more about Volunteering, whether it be for an hour or a day or any time in between then please get in touch either by calling Kim the Volunteer Co-ordinator on 01229 588164 or send an email to:
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