Monday, 22 April 2013

Chris Whittle 22/4/13

Chris is a relative newcomer to Ford Park having only started at the end of 2012, but is enjoying the time he spends in the workshop on a Tuesday & Thursday. Chris worked for GSK (Glaxo) for 35 years and spent a lot of time working away from home in the south east of England  and has worked at various countries abroad  and spent 6 months in Singapore.

After retiring he has been able to spend more time with his family, and devote more time to his hobbies which are  fishing, photography, travelling and going off in the caravan. He was also a volunteer at Swarthmoor Hall.

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As well as enjoying the outdoor life he likes nothing better than to be making something, especially being able to reuse any wood that might be available to make the various wildlife boxes & planters both for use at Ford Park and to sell to visitors.   

His interests in nature and wildlife are also being met in the grounds of the house and he can often be seen strolling round Ulverston and the surrounding areas with his camera. If you would like to see any of his photographs of places visited both here in the UK & abroad then this is a link to his website.