Tuesday, 16 April 2013

David - 4/4/13

I can feel spring is in the air and I can see signs of this with all the daffodils & other spring flowers blooming in the warm sunshine as I walk through the grounds to meet up for a chat over coffee with David in the garden room.
David has been volunteering for just over 5 years and was born and brought up in Ulverston, before retiring he worked for a security company at Ford Park so he knows the house & gardens really well.
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You can often see David in the workshop making window boxes, planters, bat and bird boxes ready to sell to the public,  along with Chris who I am hoping to speak to soon. But equally he is at home doing jobs in the grounds.
The finished planter

 I was curious to know why he had volunteered and his answer was that he wanted to give something back to the community. The social aspect of planning & working with others is also an important factor for him and I suspect for the other volunteers too.

The Car Boot Sales he has organised are going very well with the first one on Easter Monday.  Now on every Thursday between 4.00pm – 6.00pm. The cost for a table is £6 and 50p for the car park, with requests for donations from browsers. Do pop along and see if you can bag a bargain.