Thursday, 11 April 2013

Paddy Dillon - John Muir Project


I had a very interesting chat with Paddy  recently who has been volunteering since last October. Paddy is an Outdoor Writer & Photographer and occasionally gives talks about his work at the Coach House. As an Ulverston resident who loves the outdoors and having spent lots of time walking in the grounds of Ford Park he decided to become a volunteer and one of his first jobs was spent raking up leaves.
This is a never ending job as you can imagine so after discussion with Kim it was decided that as part of the John Muir Awards he would set up a tree trail. To start he updated the original tree survey that was last completed in 2007.  Then to begin the trail he explored the grounds to see where to best situate the trail and what trees to use. Each tree on the trail has a number and information about it and is  great fun for both children & adults to follow.  
The John Muir Award has three elements to it & these are:
1 To explore the area.
2 To conserve that area.
3 To share information about it.
In creating this wonderful tree trail Paddy has managed to do all three very successfully and this trail will delight visitors for years to come. You can pick up a leaflet from the Coach House Cafe so do call in and take a stroll to see if you can find all the trees. 

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Click on the picture to enlarge